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About Us

Met Sistem DBA and System Experts is a true pioneer of remote administration services. The company was founded in 1988 in İstanbul-based. During the 23 plus years of its history, the company has served hundreds of customers and developed a strong reputation as a great place to work.

Our Market Focus

Met Sistem DBA and System Experts is exclusively focused on remote database and system administration. We deliver DBA and syetem services to companies who have a need to supplement or outsource Microsoft Infrastructure, SQL Server and Oracle database monitoring and administration tasks. Our primary emphasis is on improving database and system performance and increasing availability while significantly reducing costs.

Our Service Approach

We take a proactive approach to our service delivery strategy. Our culture, processes, and systems are geared to constantly prevent database and system problems. Yet, if and when problems can not be prevented, we are also geared to solve them efficiently and effectively. Our team works hard to prevent problems that affect database performance and/or availability, especially those that can have a negative impact on business continuity.

Our Value Proposition

When you choose Met Sistem DBA and System Experts, you get Much More than Just DBA and System Admin. You benefit from the strong service culture we've developed over our 25 year history. Met Sistem services enable you to leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of our IT experts, our formal set of processes, procedures, and best practices, and our proven set of integrated tools and technologies used in our service delivery process.