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Our Approach

Met Sistem DBA and System Experts takes a disciplined, comprehensive and systematic approach to the delivery of remote database and system administration services.

Our Disciplined Approach
We take a disciplined approach to everything we do by following established process, procedures and best practices.

Our Comprehensive Approach
We take a comprehensive approach to everything we do by carefully gathering customer requirements, conducting initial assessments and carefully choosing the critical monitoring parameters we use.

Our Systematic Approach
We take a systematic approach to everything we do by systematizing many of the key tasks and support systems such as communications, security, monitoring and our information.

Our DBA and System Experts' comprehensive approach begins during the proposal stage of the sales process. At this stage, the sales team gathers as much information as possible about your database environment and about your service needs and expectations. The goal at this stage is to make sure your needs and expectations align properly with our expertise and capabilities. This ensures we can deliver you the highest value possible.

From initial engagement to a mature relationship, Our DBA and System Experts employs advanced technologies and best practices to guarantee customers receive service "Like No One Else."

The Our DBA and System Experts Customer Integration team is responsible for ensuring a smooth and successful on-boarding process. The team ensures that all key documents and activities are complete and the customer fully understands what they can expect throughout the relationship life-cycle.

Key technical personnel trained in monitoring installation and configuration are then deployed to install sophisticated monitoring agents and create specific monitoring checks and thresholds to tailor the monitoring environment to meet each customer's unique monitoring requirements. Database assessment and System experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of the database environment and system environment.

Proactive Monitoring Center technicians assume responsibility for daily monitoring and measure monitoring quality through scheduled audits of all environments. One member from our service delivery team will be assigned as the customer's central point-of-contact. This DBA and System admins is tasked with learning and documenting customer environments under his or her control.

Your service delivery team works with subject matter experts and other DBAs to provide customer support. Subject Matter Experts are tasked with becoming experts on key database disciplines: backup and recovery, highly available architectures, SQL and database performance, monitoring, UNIX/Windows scripting, and database security. Met Sistem Experts allocates the support person with the highest-level skill sets in that particular task to provide assistance to the customer.

Met Sistem Experts' Service Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring overall customer satisfaction. The Service Assurance Manager meets with the customer and internal support personnel to identify, discuss, and address any potential issues that may affect the relationship.

A Systematic Approach

Met Sistem DBA and System Experts approach to service delivery is built upon a number of key internal systems. These critical components allow our professionals to adhere to our AlwaysOn™ corporate service delivery strategy.

Our Communication Systems enable us to quickly connect to your systems to deliver service. Met Sistem DBA and System Experts' infrastructure engineers have implemented numerous advanced technologies to allow our technicians to communicate with customers and deliver service at any time, from anywhere. These state-of-the-art technologies include a Web 2.0 ticketing system, VoIP telephony, Mobile Intelligent Devices, and Virtualized Desktop access.

Our Security Systems enables us to connect securely to your environment and it protects any valuable information assets under our care. The key responsibility of protecting our environments from unwarranted access is also assigned to our infrastructure engineers. Our organization is acutely aware of the critical nature and sensitivity of the data we support. Advanced firewalls, virus scanners and other security related hardware and software components are deployed throughout the support infrastructure. Security updates are automatically applied to all desktops and servers from a central security server as they become available from the vendors