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Our Value

When you choose us, you get Much More than Just DBA and System admin. You benefit from the strong service culture we've developed over our 25 year history. Our DBA and System services enable you to leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of our IT experts, our formal set of processes, procedures, and best practices, and our proven set of integrated tools and technologies used in our service delivery process.

The value we provide derives from our approach to service delivery, which has evolved for over 25 years of operation. It is built on a solid foundation that is made out of top-notch individuals and leadership plus the vision, goals and strategies that drive our daily execution. It is supported by four strong pillars that enable us to deliver you value for a fraction of the cost of full-time internal resources.

A Solid Foundation
The value we deliver to our customers is founded on a solid foundation built with: Top-Notch People and Leadership; and on Our Vision and the Goals, and Strategies that make it happen.

Four Strong Pillars
The value we deliver to customers is supported by four strong pillars: A Proactive Service Culture; Team Knowledge and Teamwork; Processes, Procedures and Best Practices; And Our Support Infrastructure: Support Systems and Resources

The Foundation of Our Value

Top-Notch Individuals

All great businesses start with top-notch talent. The our Team is made up of a broadly diverse group of top-notch individuals ready to serve you and meet all your business' database administration and Microsoft System solutions needs. When we hire we consider three key aspects of the individuals we retain. We evaluate their attitudes, their aptitudes, and their approach in a number of both technical and non-technical areas. Our goal is to make sure they've got what it takes to fit in our culture and to add value internally and to our customers. We seek disciplined individuals who love to learn and share what they know. We want people who love serving customers and are proactive in all aspects of what they do.

The Pillars of Our Value

A Proactive Service Culture

Our DBA and System Experts' value delivery system is architected to accomplish our number one goal: provide database administration and system service "Like No One Else" in our industry! Our efforts to create and maintain a proactive service culture begin with our rigorous hiring evaluation process. Our recruiting and selection approach is geared to look for candidates with a proactive mindset and a deep passion for customer service on top of their strong technical aptitudes.

Once on board, team members follow our internal processes and procedures designed to enable proactive customer service. Meetings are held regularly to generate new ideas that bring added value to our customer base and ensure that we adhere to best customer service practices.

Team Knowledge and Teamwork

Team knowledge is the top competitive advantage we have! While we make a big effort to retain top-notch individuals, we make an even bigger effort to ensure we develop and harness team knowledge and teamwork. Our collective knowledge and experience spans hundreds of years. It was built over time while delivering database and system administration service to thousands of databases and hundreds of diverse customers nationwide. It is founded on our teams' exposure to a wide-range of hardware and software platforms, and communication and security schemes throughout their careers.

When you retain our service, you are not buying the services of a single DBA or system admin. Instead, you are able to leverage the collective knowledge of our entire team. This is our TeamShare™ approach. This approach allows you to take advantage of our collective knowledge and experience for a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house consultants or full time employees.

We also leverage TeamShare™ to power our unique Proactive Monitoring Process. This process is foundational to our ability to prevent database or system problems. TeamShare helps us reduce the amount of time spent on troubleshooting and problem solving. We leverage the team's expertise to provide faster and better resolution to database and system performance issues and outages.

We have instituted knowledge management processes, procedures and systems designed to gather, retain and disseminate knowledge. We conduct regular internal team sharing sessions to exchange best practices, new knowledge, and lessons learned. Our goal is to align individuals' passions and talents with customer needs.

Processes, Procedures and Best Practices

Another key to our value is the set of processes, procedures and best practices we have developed over time that make up our service delivery system. At the highest level, we manage our business as distinct processes: Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Service and Support. Each process has its own set of goals and strategies, and we continuously monitor, manage, and improve each of them as well as the sub processes within each process. We also look to ensure they are all aligned with the company's vision, goals and strategies.

Our Support Infrastructure: Support Systems and Resources

The last of the Four Pillars involves the people and systems that enable our service delivery team to operate efficiently and effectively. We have internal and external resources dedicated to support our database and system administration service delivery team. That includes our information technology and communications infrastructure, software tools and capabilities, and the human resources and financial systems necessary to execute our service mission.