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Top 10 Reasons to Choose our DBA Experts

1. Experienced Technical Staff

Met Sistem DBA/System Experts average 25+ years of experience and have a proven track record of solving the most challenging database and system issues. This high level of experience helps ensure that each data and system environment is optimized and remains highly available. Our support staff is comprised of certified DBA and System, exinstructors, . Our full-time placement specialists hire the industry's most talented and seasoned technicians to guarantee that we deliver service like no one else!

2. 100% Onshore Support

Met Sistem DBA/System Experts provides 100% TURKEY-based database and system support. We do not offshore or outsource any of our support services to third party vendors. All of our database professionals work directly out of our İstanbul Operations Center. By centralizing our operations, our customers gain peace of mind knowing that their critical data systems are continuously supported by an entire team of Met Sistem DBA experts. A centralized location allows us to create a "war room" strategy for brainstorming activities and problem solving. All technicians needed to create a solution or solve a problem are quickly brought to bear when the need arises. Work can take place immediately.

3. Wide Range of Supported Products

Most companies' computing environments consist of multiple database platforms, several different operating systems and an abundance of third-party applications. Met Sistem DBA and System Experts has teams of specialists that work together to provide a strong core of know-how in all major database, operating system and third-party application products. We provide support for Oracle, SQL Server running on a variety of operating systems. We also provide expert operating system support for all variants of UNIX, LINUX and Windows. Our DBA/System Experts' wide range of support expertise ensures that our services are flexible and scalable to meet every customer's business needs.

4. Remote DBA/System TeamShare Approach

As database and system technologies get more complex, it is increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified DBA resources that have a wide range of expertise in database technologies. Met Sistem DBA/System Experts' clients are not buying the services of a single database administrator; instead, they are buying the collective knowledge of an entire staff of expert professionals. This unique solution, called TeamShare, allows clients to leverage the knowledge of dozens of experienced technicians at a cost that is less than traditional in-house consultants or full-time employees. Our technicians come from varied backgrounds and have many different skill sets, so when the need arises, Our DBA/System Experts can pull from these skills without having to search for the right person or wait for a return call.

5. Subject Matter Experts

The database and system environment has become so complex that it precludes database and systen administrators from becoming experts in all facets of the database and system technology. Our DBA/System Experts' large technical staff allows us to increase efficiency by creating specialists in key database disciplines. In addition to expertise in providing day-to-day support, each of our staff members is required to become an expert in one or more database disciplines including backup and recovery, highly available architectures, SQL tuning and database performance, database monitoring, UNIX/Windows scripting, operating system interaction and database security. This methodology ensures that our customers get the most experienced person available to perform complex tasks.

6. World Class 24x7x365 AlwaysOn Capabilities

Our DBA/System Experts understands the trust customers place in us when they allow us to administer and safeguard their most valuable corporate data assets. Our entire infrastructure is architected to accomplish a single goal: provide world-class support to our customer base. Immediate contact with support personnel and 15 minute response times to begin active problem resolution are standard inclusions in all customers' contracts. Advanced telephony, smart phones, and state-of-the art personal computer and server implementations ensure that our support experts are always there when needed. Our DBA/System Experts' support professionals utilize industry leading administrative tools, documentation portals, and time-entry and ticketing systems. Dedicated quality control/quality improvement specialists constantly review our support infrastructure to ensure that our customers are benefiting from the 'best in class' support practices and products available.

7. Customizable Service Level Agreements

Effective measurements are required to judge the success of any activity. The quality of our service is guaranteed through our standard or customer-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our SLAs allow your company to create a fully-customized support package that is tailored to meet your specific needs. These agreements measure our performance against such critical items as database availability, database performance, backup and recoverability, problem and change management procedures, reaction times, and quality assurance. You set the level of expectation for each database, and we do the rest!

8. Proactive Mindset

Our DBA/System Experts dedicates personnel who are responsible for creating, implementing and enhancing a strategic blueprint for the proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting required to prevent database problems - before they occur. Since the proactive support blueprint is already in place, companies employing our DBA/System Experts to support their databases do not have to spend the additional monies required to create a proactive support environment. Our proactive support team members meet regularly, both internally and with clients, in a constant effort to improve performance and anticipate database issues before they occur.

9. Industry Pioneers

Met Sistem DBA/System Experts is the recognized pioneer of remote database and system management services. Since our inception in 1994, our remote DBA/System services have helped numerous companies improve the quality of their database environments while reducing the costs associated with on-site database management. Our expertise, experience, and dedication continue to influence and define the remote DBA/System services industry. We feel that it is important to maintain a sharp focus on our core set of services. Our entire support structure is architected to provide world class database support. Our corporate strategy is to be recognized nationally as the premier provider of remote support service.

10. It is fun to work with us as well!!!!!