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Microsoft Desktop Deployment Planning Services(DDPS)

Want to ensure you're getting the absolute most from your investment in Microsoft licenses? Choose Met Sistem as your consulting partner on Microsoft's Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS).

Met Sistem is a partner of Microsoft and specializes exclusively in Microsoft solutions, technology, and licensing. Using Met Sistem for DDPS will deliver to you and your team the fundamental analysis, business case, process and technical procedures necessary to execute a thorough desktop deployment project.

What is DDPS?
The service is based on the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment and best practices from Microsoft with the objective of reducing the cost and complexity with high levels of process and automation.

Desktop Deployment Planning Services will deliver to your organization a plan for the deployment of the latest versions of Office and Windows for entitled Software Assurance benefit customers.

Why Met Sistem?
Met Sistem is your Microsoft expert. Met Sistem will send friendly, knowledgeable technicians to empower your business with the most advanced techniques, processes, and tools all chosen and driven by your unique needs. The end result is Met Sistem provides you with the most cost effective desktop environment imaginable.

Contact Met Sistem today to learn more about a custom fit for your organization of this time saving and cost saving service.