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Microsoft Forefront TMG / UAG

Allow every user in your organizations to freely access all they need online--without worrying about malware threats.

Met Sistem can help you enjoy improved security and peace of mind while avoiding negatively impacting operational efficiencies by custom-fitting Microsoft's Forefront Threat Management Gateway and Forefront Unified Access Gateway to your organization.

If you're like many IT professionals, one of the biggest challenges you may be facing is balancing your users' needs for open access to all they need on the web with the overall information security needs of the business.

The Met Sistem Edge

Met Sistem can help you have the best from both worlds by enterprise- and department-specific application of Microsoft's powerful Forefront solutions.
  • Enable secure access to messaging, collaboration and other applications from anywhere with a web connection
  • Increase productivity while staying firmly in compliance with business and regulatory policies
  • Ensure protection from both push malware (such as attachments in emails) and pull malware (such as malicious websites)
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Reputation Services, a centralized database of nearly 50 million web domains and billions of pages to help you identify and block malicious sites

Met Sistem has always put security first. And as it specializes in Microsoft technology and products, Met Sistem has the inside track to the most powerful tools Microsoft has to offer and can quickly help you make your IT systems and solutions--servers, mobile devices, in-house desktops, off-site laptops--safe and secure, with minimal impact to productivity.

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