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Data warehousing

If you want to get information on all the techniques of designing, maintaining, building and retrieving data, Data warehousing is the ideal method. A data warehouse is premeditated and generated for supporting the decision making process within an organization. When the production databases are copied in the warehouse, it becomes easier to answer all the queries without hampering the consistency of the production system.

A data warehouse is actually a set of new concepts and important tools evolved into a technology. With the help of data warehousing, it becomes easy for an organization to counter all the problems faced during providing key information to concerned people.

Over the last two decades, a number of experiences and technologies incorporated together to evolve the new field of Data warehousing. You can say it as a well organized and resourceful method of managing & reporting data non uniform and scattered sourced throughout an organization.

Because of hundreds of gigabytes of transactions, it is necessary for a data warehouse to be vast. Therefore, "data marts" are often designed for individual department or a product line. A data warehouse system is an influential and necessary platform for merging data from old and new applications. You can transfer rules to a warehouse without making much efforts. The prime features of a data warehouse is that it records, collects, filters and provides basic data to different systems at higher levels.

Here are some of the benefits of a data warehouse:

  • With data warehousing, you can provide a common data model for different interest areas regardless of data's source. In this way, it becomes easier to report and analyze information.
  • Many inconsistencies are identified and resolved before loading of information in data warehousing. This makes the reporting and analyzing process simpler.
  • The best part of data warehousing is that the information is under the control of users, so that in case the system gets purged over time, information can be easily and safely stored for longer time period.
  • Because of being different from operational systems, a data warehouse helps in retrieving data without slowing down the operational system.
  • Data warehousing enhances the value of operational business applications and customer relationship management systems.
  • Data warehousing also leads to proper functioning of support system applications like trend reports, exception reports and the actual performance analyzing reports.

Precisely, a data warehouse system proves to be helpful in providing collective information to all its users. It is mainly created to support different analysis, queries that need extensive searching on a larger scale.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions practice ensures the availability of business-critical information to the right people at the right time.

Our BI / DW services is designed to help perform market trends analysis, track the company's performance in the given market conditions, customers' and competitors' behavior etc., we use integrated advanced and comprehensible tools, and applications that enable enhanced enterprise-wide communication, improved business activities coordination, and much quicker response to business environment changes.

We help companies across various industries to make prompt decisions that impacts at operational to strategic levels. As a result, organizations are able to improve their operational metrics, adapt to changing market dynamics and improve their customer satisfaction and profitability.

We bring an integrated range of skill sets to offer a broader set of options in the areas of Data Acquisition, Data Modeling, Data Mapping, Meta Data, Data Management, Data Mining and OLAP, as well as Data Warehouse Management and Support.

Our dedicated BI team possesses applied experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing providing a wide range of solutions to a growing number of clients in diverse industries. We use market leading products like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Decisions, IBM Cognos and Informatica to offer the following services,

  • Data Modeling, System Design and Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Business Reporting and Analytics
  • ETL Development and Data Integration
  • Data Administration, Cleansing, Maintenance and Performance Tuning
  • Master Data Management

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